AOC Graves

The unique region of Graves, which extends  from Bordeaux to the city of Langon, on  the left bank of the Garonne river, produces extraordinary red wines, as well as complex, smooth dry white wines, crafted for everyday enjoyment as well as special occasions.

Terroir: a wide variety of Gravel

This gravel, from tiny stone chips to pudding stones smoothed and rounded by the passage of  water have a thickness that varies from 20 centimetres to 3 metres and more. The exceptional Graves terroir expresses itself through a variety of stones made up of quartz, together with ocre, white, red and pink quartzite, jasper, agate, flint and Lydian stone... in a harmonious and shimmering mix.
The terroir of Graves rests on a sub-soil strata of clay, sand and alios (a type of sand hardened by a blackish iron mixture), limestone and faluns (limestone flecked with shell-encrusted sand). These were deposited over the course of centuries by the Garonne River, from the end of the Tertiary Era and on into the Quartenary Era, shaped continuously by cycles of glaciation.

Grape varieties:


Cabernet Sauvignon: The oldest grape variety of Bordeaux, and the one most often responsible for a wine capable of graceful ageing and the development of a complex bouquet.

Merlot: Wines from the Merlot grape develop ripe fruit aromas and often have a slightly gentler tannic structure. They are well colored and age quicker than those from Cabernet Sauvignon; and the two grape varieties complement each other perfectly.

Cabernet Franc: Less prevalent than the previous two grape varieties, it nevertheless plays a considerable role and brings, through its richness in sugar and tannins, a suppleness and elegance.

Petit Verdot, Cot (or Malbec) are used only in small quantities.


Sauvignon: The elevated sugar levels of this grape bring richness to the wine, and good potential aromatic qualities. It gives white wines a distinctive pale-yellow color, and a particularly fine and pronounced nose that becomes deeply complex on ageing.

Semillon: The dominant grape variety in the Graves region, Semillon creates golden, fleshy wines with great finesse.

Muscadelle: Used in small quantities, this grape variety gives fruity and floral notes.

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